January 22, 2018
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منطقه آزاد تجاری صنعتی انزلی
Legal and Trade Advantages
*20 years tax exemption for income and assets

* Possibility of %100 foreign ownership

* The possibility of unlimited investment for both Iranian and Foreign nationals

* Full protection and guarantee of foreign investment.

* Free transfer and repatriation of capital and profits

* Flexible banking and monetary system and foreign exchange laws

* Liberal import and export regulation possibility of expatriating up to %10 of the zone's total workforce

* Flexible and Simplified labor employment regulations, terms and conditions

* No tax and duties for raw materials and machinery imported for productions manufacturing in the zone

* Very law charge and easy procedures for re- exported goods

* No time limitation for discharge of cargo in Anzali free zone
Full protection for labor forces, capital investment, company registration and ingoing and outgoing capital.

* More charge discount(off) for ships entrance into the Free Zone(even less than %10)

* Easy registration of company ,industrial firm, institute and intellectual ownership in the zone

* Possibility of establishing Iranian and foreign branches of banks and credit institutions as well as insurance institutes

* Cargo transit and re-export without any limitations

* Cargo retailing for foreign or Iranian nationals

* Providing land for investors in industrial, trade, tourism and service sections

* Proximity to industrial, petrochemical and manufacturing centers

* Bank & credit, insurance, customs and other related services agencies network

* Modern equipments for loading, unloading and handling of cargo

* Active management support
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