August 7, 2022
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The bill was approved for development of Anzali Free Zone area in the Islamic Council. 2022/08/03
By decree of Saeed Mohammad; "Isa Farhadi" was appointed as new Managing Director of Anzali Free Zone Organization. 2022/07/26
Development of business and logistics activity of the largest Middle East sea container production company in Anzali Free Zone 2022/07/09
New members of the board of directors of Anzali Free Zone Organization were appointed 2022/07/03
Establishment of Coordination Council of Iran Free Zones and Russian Special Economic Zones 2022/06/22
Joint Iran-Russia exhibition will be held in Anzali Free Zone this September 2022/06/19
Development of transit and logistics cooperation of Caspian port complex with ports of Kazakhstan 2022/05/28
Establishment of agricultural-livestock processing factories, transit of goods and holding joint exhibitions 2022/05/24
Establishment of agricultural-livestock processing factories, transit of goods and holding joint exhibitions 2022/05/24
Anzali Free Zone is one of the important economic hubs in connection with Eurasia and the Caspian Sea countries. 2022/05/22
Berthing of 7 vessels carrying 35,000 tons of crude oil required for country's production units in last month 2022/05/14
Transit of goods from China-Kazakhstan-Iran corridor and investment in Caspian port complex 2022/05/02
Holding joint exhibition, developing maritime tourism and facilitating export of agricultural goods in Gilan 2022/05/01
Accelerate conclusion of memorandum of cooperation/taking advantage of transit capacities of Anzali Free Zone 2022/04/19
The effective role of Caspian port in supply of basic goods and export development 2022/04/10
Anzali Free Zone is unique opportunity for multilateral international economic cooperation 2022/04/04
Unloading and loading of 360 thousand tons of goods this year by124 commercial vessels in the Caspian port complex. 2022/03/26
Mr. Moghaddam, Managing director of AFZ congratulate Nowruz 1401 2022/03/22
Using capacities of Anzali Free Zone and Armenia embassy to expand relations with Eurasia and international transit, 2022/02/16
Caspian port facilitates North-South corridor trade relations 2022/02/10
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Anzali Free Zone Boulevard martyr fatehi phase of trade and tourism, free trade-industrial zone
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