October 30, 2020
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منطقه آزاد تجاری صنعتی انزلی
  • Anzali Free zone Is Connection Line Betwen Norht and south and the Best Place and Good Oportunity
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Anzali FZ news
  • The meeting of "Working Group on Facilitation and Elimination of Investment Barriers" was held with orientation of foreign investment by attendance of Managing Director of organization
  • By suggestion of Secretariat of High Council of Free Zones and with approval of the High Council of Free Zones, Dr. Morteza Bank, advisor of President and Secretary of the Supreme Council of Free Zones appointed Dr. Mohammad Hossein Ghorbani as an active member of the Board of Directors of Anzali Free Trade-Industrial Zone Organization.
  • Kouchkian, Consul General of Iran in Astrakhan, Russia exchanged views with businessmen and investors of Anzali Free Zone on issues and solutions for expanding trade with Russian businessmen and presence in Russian market.
  • By presence of Dr. Arsalan Zare, governor of Guilan and Dr. Mohammad Vali Roozbehan, Chairman of the Board and managing directors of this organization d on third day of government week,9 production, service and tourism projects with 623 billion Riyals investment of private sector which provided direct employment for 279 people were officially put in operation.
  • presentation of the first sample of Iranian thermometers produced by the group under his management, due to international sanctions against people of our country and the urgent need for this medical device for screening and rapid and accurate diagnosis of sick people in public places production line and technology of making digital thermometer device from China was purchased as one of the strongest manufacturers of this medical device and was put into operation in Anzali free zone. Since mid-June have entered consumer market
Anzali Free Zone Boulevard martyr fatehi phase of trade and tourism, free trade-industrial zone
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