January 29, 2022
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Increasing transfer of goods via China-Kazakhstan- Iran corridor with focus on Anzali Free Zone 2021/11/09
Increasing transfer of goods via China-Kazakhstan- Iran corridor with focus on Anzali Free Zone

Ali Osat Akbari Moghaddam, Chairman and Managing director of the Organization during a meeting with Dr. Hadi Tizhoosh Taban, Chairman of the Iran-Russia Joint Chamber of Commerce, with presence of Majid Reza Hariri, chairman of Iran-China Joint Chamber of Commerce which was held in building of Iran Chamber of Commerce in Tehran, discussed ways to increase use of the Iran-China-Kazakhstan corridor with a focus on this region


Chairman of the Board and Managing Director of Anzali Free Zone Organization with an analysis of the North-South and China-Kazakhstan-Iran corridors which have been activated and created with focus on the first free zone in north of the country, explained about infrastructures and facilities available in two ports within this regions, namely the Caspian and Anzali port complexes stated that by the early of next year all the necessary infrastructure in the field of railways and ports will be ready for operation in order to transfer goods directly from train to ship and vice versa.


Simultaneously with this project, the Ro-Ro pier is also being built so that with operation of both infrastructure projects, not only southern ports of country will be connected to this region, but also volume of transit goods in international trade routes passing through our country will also increase significantly, the main purpose of holding such specialized meetings by the Anzali Free Zone Organization is to make maximum use of capacities and capabilities of country's private sector in domestic and international arenas.

Majid Reza Hariri, chairman of Iran-China Joint Chamber of Commerce welcomed to presence of Managing director and senior managers of the Anzali Free Zone Organization, accompanied by private sector economic actors to facilitate international trade stated that export development is one of the most important programs of this chamber of commerce which has been decreased due to difficult quarantine conditions in China in last two years, but this strategy is a good opportunity for bilateral and multilateral cooperation.

He pointed to problems for our country's international maritime transportation, and informed about formation of a working group between her respective chambers and Trade Development Organization, in order to develop and diversify freight routes, In the meantime, attention to rail routes is on agenda with priority which among existing routes of our country, Incheh Boron, Sarakhs and Anzali have a special place in transfer of imported and exported goods of Iran's businessmen.

The head of the Iran-China Joint Chamber of Commerce stated that he is working on the China-Kazakhstan-Iran corridor by focus on Anzali Free Zone and desire of these two countries to develop the transit of goods through this route is considered as its strong point.

A challenging point in international corridors is supply of goods on round-trip routes, so in regard to about 90% of goods exported to China are made by state-owned companies or affiliated with government agencies creating added value and holding working meetings with government managers in this area should be on agenda.


 He Presented an analysis of amount and volume of exports and geographical position of the country's major exporters to China, he said that the priority of regions such as the Anzali Free Zone is petrochemical companies located in northern port of the country, but  by  agreements between National Shipping Company of the Islamic Republic, Trade Development Organization and the Anzali Free Zone and transit of these companies to transfer their export goods through corridor in question can be provided.


Mr. Majid Reza Hariri stated that if only 10% of the 120 million tons of exports to China could be transferred through the China-Kazakhstan-Iran corridor, definitely volume of goods transportation in Anzali and Caspian ports will be completed, Iran-China Chamber announces its readiness to establish and support any communication that leads to the introduction of facilities and capacities of the Anzali Free Zone.


It should be mentioned that in this meeting, Dr. Hadi Tizhoosh Taban, chairman of Iran-Russia Chamber of Commerce, Haj Asghar Amani, head of Anzali Free Zone Investors and Entrepreneurs Association, Amin Horizon, acting Member of the Board and Deputy of Caspian port complex, Vahid Talebpour, Deputy of Economy and Investment of the Organization talked about opportunities for bilateral cooperation, Ashkan Pourrashid, businessmen who has turned this area into transit center for goods by purchasing over a thousand containers, he talked about facilities and exemptions for increasing transfer of goods through trade route between China and Iran in cooperation with the Anzali Free Zone Organization

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