January 29, 2022
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Launching regular shipping lines with aim of developing export and transit from the Caspian port complex 2021/11/15
Launching regular shipping lines with aim of developing export and transit from the Caspian port complex

Amin Ofoghi, Deputy of Port and Caspian Sea affairs of the organization along with the managers of Caspian Port Complex and active traders in this port complex met with manager and deputies of Caspian Sea shipping company.

In this meeting, Mr. Ofoghi pointed to measurers has been taken of his respective organization in developing economic diplomacy and completing multi-purpose transportation chain stated that according to memorandums of Anzali Free Zone Organization with special zones of "St. Petersburg" and "Lotus" of Russia, Aktau and also available capacities in ports of Astrakhan so we are looking to increase volume of transit and exports from ports of Anzali Free Zone.

By investment of Caspian Sea shipping company in Russian port of Salyanka, one of the most important capacities of our country to exchange goods with port of Astrakhan that is gateway of Iran to Europe stated that in regard to measures has been taken to accelerate and facilitate provision of services to maritime activists, ports and merchants in Caspian port we seek to develop cooperation with the Caspian Sea Shipping company as largest naval fleet in the Caspian Sea.

He pointed to reduction of unloading and loading costs in ports of Anzali Free Zone for imported goods through this corridorsو exemptions and legal benefits of Free Anzali in trade region with foreign counties have attracted new and diverse goods in Caspian port, and container and transit goods in order to be transported to Caspian and Eurasian countries, as well as Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria, are among the items that are most considered by the Caspian port marketing team.

He pointed to achievements of launching the Iranian branch of the one-way belt super project and exchanging more than 10,000 TEU containers from this corridor from the Caspian port, increasing exports and transit through this route is one of the priorities of the Anzali Free Zone Organization and continued: The development of export and transit of containerized goods in the Caspian Sea is one of the most important programs of this organization and in recent months measures and negotiations have been held in this regard, so by exporting from the Caspian port competitive situation can be revived in maritime trade.

In this meeting, Captain Davood Tafti, Managing director of Caspian Sea Shipping company, pointed to challenges and unsustainable trade on land borders and the willingness of traders to trade by sea, so all over the world main trade is being done through sea and its surplus is done by rail and finally by road transport.

He continued by referring to transfer of 4,000 TEU of container goods from the southern ports to north, in addition to the growing trend of container trade, we are planning to renovation and development fleet of Caspian shipping vessels, and our current vessels meet global standards for maritime traffic.

Captain Tafti expressed his interest in strengthening container trade by increasing shipping capacity of Caspian Sea and the ports of the Anzali Free Zone, shipping policy of t Caspian Sea company is customer-oriented and, accordingly provides portfolio of services to ports.

Managing director of Caspian Sea Shipping company announced her readiness to allocate two commercial vessels of that company for the establishment of regular shipping lines from the Caspian port complex so by exporting from the Caspian port competition situation can be revived, I believe that the Caspian port by Appling private sector investment capacity and available legal advantages can take great step in export of Caspian Sea.

It is worth mentioning that in order to remove trade barriers and increase the transit speed of goods through the Caspian port complex it was decided to give priority to berthing of ships entering the China-Kazakhstan corridor, and also liner will be allocated by Caspian Shipping Company for development of export from Caspian port complex.

It should be noted that of meeting was also attended by one of the active traders in the Caspian region and the China-Kazakhstan-Iran trade corridor and manager of the shipping companies active in the North-South corridor and chairman of the Association of Investors and Entrepreneurs of the region, In this meeting, they presented a report on measures and capacities of private sector in the region to develop trade and transit exchanges from the Caspian port.

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