May 27, 2022
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Expansion of trade relations between Korean ports and Anzali Free Zone 2022/01/13
Expansion of trade relations between Korean ports and Anzali Free Zone
 Fang kyoo Nam, Chargé d'Affaires of the South Korean Embassy in Iran visited from Anzali Free Zone and its port, commercial and transit infrastructures of this region, and in meeting with director of the Anzali Free Zone Organization talked about ways to develop trade relations with this region.

Mr. Ali Awsat Akbari Moghaddam, Chairman of the Board of Anzali Free Zone Organization pointed to his background in various executive bodies of country he emphasized on importance of expanding trade relations between ports of Korea and the Anzali Free Zone by stating that there are currently six companies that their shareholders are Korean in manufacturing and trading section, However, in regard to capacities of Anzali and Caspian ports and maritime activities in Eurasia presence of South Korean shipbuilding companies in this region can create new horizons of cooperation, Managing Director of Anzali Free Zone Organization pointed to various benefits and exemptions for the presence of foreign investment companies in their respective region, Korean companies can produce and process required goods of Iranian market and Caspian and Eurasian countries in the third industrial estate of this region which its construction process has begun recently.

Fang Kyoo Nam, charge d'affaires of the South Korean embassy in Iran noted that visiting from Anzali Free Zone is his first office mission outside of Tehran after her visit to Iran in 2021, The two countries have more than 60 years of history and Iran is one of South Korea's most important trading partners.


He provided an analysis of blocking of the Islamic Republic of Iran's currency in South Korea by stating that this figure is a very small share in the budget of our government and this problem will be solved soon,. He said after his visits and meetings will sent completed report to embassy and government to prepare base for the presence of Korean companies in this region, It is worth mentioning that in this meeting, the Charge d'Affaires of the South Korean Embassy discussed about investment opportunities and business activities with the economic and port deputies of the organization.

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