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Official inauguration of 5th wharf and 4 new oil tanks in Caspian port complex
6800 billion Rials Investment and direct employment of 50 people

By attendance of Hojjat A...Abdolmaleki, special representative of president and secretary of Supreme Council of Free and Special Economic Zones, Asda...Abassi, governor of Gilan and Mohammad Sajjad Siahkarzadeh, chairman of the board of directors and managing director of Anzali free zone organization were officially put into operation fifth wharf of Caspian port complex and four industrial oil tanks in backyard of this port.

fifth wharf of Caspian port complex  built with investment of private sector about 5000 billion rials and is  ready to berth of ships with 160-meter long.

Second infrastructure project that was officially put into operatiSave and continiueon with the presence of national and provincial officials, four industrial oil tanks that store 28,000 cubic meters of fuel.

This project was also built by private sector with an investment of 1800 billion Rials.

Caspian port complex has five wharf with capacity for unloading and loading of 2 million tons of goods annually, and with  use of  four new tanks, capacity of edible and industrial oil tanks in this port exceeded from 100 thousand cubic meters, and so that  by operation of sixth "Ro-Ro" berth and national plan to connect Iran's nationwide railway to Caspian port complex in near future, position of Anzali free zone in north of country will be strengthened in relations of international transit and economic diplomacy of the Islamic Republic of Iran; an issue that expresses serious determination of the 13th government to develop economic relations with neighboring countries and regional economic unions.

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