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Anzali Free Zone has various capacities for development of cooperation between two countries
The most important opportunity for further cooperation between Anzali Free Zone and Bangladesh is transit advantages and development of relations with Caspian Sea countries and Eurasian Economic Union.

During meeting between Manjurul Karim Khan Choudary, ambassador of Bangladesh in Islamic Republic of Iran, with Mohammad Sajjad Siahkarzadeh, chairman of the board of directors and m managing director of this organization, talked about mechanisms and strategies for development of cooperation for further cooperation.

In this meeting managing director of this Organization expressed various capacities and capabilities of his respective region in transit, trade, tourism and production-industry, and stated that first free zone in  north of Iran due to its special geographical location in Caspian Sea, being located on path of international corridors and close to capital and production hubs, and special benefits and legal exemptions for non-Iranian businessmen has good competitive advantages for presence and investment of private sector of the Republic of Bangladesh.

He welcomed to Bangladesh's role in expanding relations with member countries of Eurasian Economic Union, Caucasus and Central Asia, he clarified that with imminent operation of connecting Iran's national railway  to  Caspian port complex of this region , the most important step  has been prepared in path of completing goods transportation infrastructure and activating the North-South Corridor, and at the same time, this railway will connect  two North and South Seas of our country to each other which brings new opportunities for inter-regional cooperation between countries of Indian Ocean, the Persian Gulf, and members of Eurasian Economic Union and Shanghai.

Managing director was speaking in English and explained the most important investment packages of his respective region to ambassador of Bangladesh and welcomed to further cooperation between private sector of two countries, transit and export of that country's goods to target markets.

In this meeting ambassador of Bangladesh in Iran pointed to historical record of relations between Bangladesh and Iran and emphasized on determination of his respective government to develop relations. He pointed that we were impressed by capabilities, infrastructure facilities and investment opportunities in Anzali Free Zone so that this region has many capacities, and the most important advantage of this region is its special geographical location.

Manjurol Karim Khan Chowdary, said that the most important obstacles in development of relations between two countries are lack of communication between private sector and banking sanctions, so necessary platforms should be provided by Embassy and Anzali Free Zone Organization to familiarize businessmen of two side with capacities and opportunities of bilateral cooperation and for start can be provided online dialogue between parties.

The Ambassador of Republic of Bangladesh in Iran by presenting an analysis of Iran's distinctive position in development of its country's relations with members of Eurasian Economic Union and the Caspian Sea, demanded on taking advantage of Anzali Free Zone position as a  hub for export goods to regional markets.

He pointed to various production capabilities of his country in clothing and pharmaceuticals and proposed joint production investments in clothing and focus on cooperation on transit sectors such as import of goods needed by Bangladesh.

It should be mentioned that were present in this meeting deputies and managers of organization and members of embassy of the Republic of Bangladesh.


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