Siahkarzadeh in meeting of Council of Deputies of Anzali Free Zone Organization:

The CEO of Anzali Free Zone Organization appreciated from efforts of various departments of this organization, especially civil and port deputyship for faster completion and operation of national plan that connect the nation railway to Caspian port complex, he said one of very good actions after opening of this important transit infrastructure was combined transportation activities that appeared in form of first transit and export cargo.

After operation of national plan that connect railway to Caspian port complex of this region has been transited and exported two cargo through railway of Caspian port complex of Anzali Free Zone Organization in direction to its missions for development of our country's international relations with members of Eurasian Economic Union and Caspian Sea in cooperation with customs, railways and shipping of Caspian Sea

first transit assignment was carried out through Anzali Free Zone

Managing director of Anzali free Zone

By operation of this railway we will be witness of railway connection between North Sea and South Seas of our country

By order of acting president:

Train arrived to Caspian port complex


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